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As a teacher of art, I strive to assist everyone in realising that art is accessible to all, that we can all find a way to love art, be it as a collector or as a creator of it, or as the artist.  So in some way even if we don’t paint or create art, we are still artists because as collectors, we create a space to display and enjoy our artwork.


What is art!  In simple terms it means to ‘create’.  If that’s the case, then we, in some way, are all artists because in some form or other, we all create!


For some it is about producing a decorative piece for their homes, for others it is about exploring their emotions.  It is about displaying what they are passionate about, their journey in life and realising it through art. 


It doesn’t matter why, how or what we do, it is really about the journey, the joy it brings and recognising that it is achievable.  Art is accessible to all of us.


My classes and my views on art are simply that – “Believe in yourself, there is nothing you cannot achieve!”

Kim Mancini Artist, Brisbane born local Australian artist


  • Privately tutored by Desley Rolph 1996

  • 2 years under the tuition of Cathy White Sullivan 1990


As an artist and an art teacher, I am compelled to help people see my passion for art and life.


As long as I can remember, art has been a part of my life, be it drawing as a child, learning craft with grandmother, collecting, creating, with my aunties at Sandgate beach on the northside of Brisbane, trips to galleries with school, all has led me to have a great passion for art.


My artwork is simply created for all to enjoy, it comes from the heart and each piece is a little bit of me.  I love to create atmosphere, mood, emotion, a reaction, in my work.  I love using different media and textures but most of all, I love colour!


I  believe that anyone can learn to draw and paint that we simply have to make a start, the time to start an adult class is now before we lose sight of the child ,our inner child!


What can I say I am consumed by it!  It is my life, my love, my passion, everything about life, nature, people, family, I see art in everything I see and touch.  I love to learn to create, to look, to feel. I believe that in all of us is an artist waiting to burst out!  Perhaps that’s why some of us are collectors, some of us design, some of us are gardeners, cooks, teachers, builders, no matter which way we look, it’s about art!


Kim Mancini




"Born, bred and educated in Queensland, Kim's painting style truly exemplifies the metropolitan Queensland way of life.  The freedom and relaxed style, interesting subject matter and vivid use of colour and media, are traits of Kim's exceptional and versatile painting style that has won her many fans in the great southeast of Brisbane.


Kim's passion for painting expanded with the opening of her gallery in 2003, where she showcases her own and other artists' work, collaborates with interior designers on individual projects and teaches aspiring artists (some of whom are now exhibiting).  On commissioned work, Kim has a unique sense of understanding the client and providing them with a prized personalised investment."


Michele McKeering

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Shop 6/140 Braun Street (Sandgate Road),

Deagon Queensland  4017

Phone: 0402 473 083

Email: kimmanciniart@gmail.com

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